1. Rachel Howard at Lyles & King

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    Rachel Howard at Lyles & King
    Eden is a mythical place, a utopia lost, an idea of nature corrupted by human fallibility. The exhibition Dead Eden examines sex, death, and violence against the conception of the edenic state, questioning whether it ever existed or if, in fact, nature contains a worm corrupting it from inside. At a time of political instability, nascent fascism, and environmental degradation...
  2. Rachel Howard in “Beauty and Subjugation from The Goss-Michael Collection”

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    Rachel Howard in “Beauty and Subjugation from The Goss-Michael Collection”
    An exhibition of works at The Goss- Michael Foundation, curated by international art advisor Filippo-Tattoni- Marcozzi, have been selected to expose, inspire, confront and reflect upon the use and abuse of the female body in contemporary art. The art has been chosen from the extensive works of The Goss-Michael Collection, one of the leading contemporary British art collections in the...
  3. Mat Collishaw: Standing Water at Galerie Rudolfinum

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    Mat Collishaw: Standing Water at Galerie Rudolfinum
    Mat Collishaw’s exhibition in Prague, aptly named Standing Water, starts with an almost prophetic and yet programmatic photograph, the artist’s self-portrait Narcissus (1990). The young artist lies in the mud on a London street and, with a kind of ironic exaggeration, contemplates the reflection of his face in a dirty puddle. High and low, ephemerally gracious in all that dirty...
  4. Rachel Howard part of the Jerwood Gallery Collection

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    Rachel Howard part of the Jerwood Gallery Collection
    2018 marks 25 years since the first work was purchased for the Jerwood Collection: From my Window at Ditchling circa 1925 by Sir Frank Brangwyn RA, RWS (1867-1956). Historically collected by Alan Grieve (Chairman, Jerwood Foundation) Jerwood Collection now comprises just under 300 works of Modern and Contemporary British art and continues to grow with new acquisitions and donations. The...
  5. Mat Collishaw: Thresholds at Branford’s National Science and Media Museum

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    Mat Collishaw: Thresholds at Branford’s National Science and Media Museum
    Launched last year at the Somerset House in London, ‘Thresholds’ is now showing at Branford’s National Science and Media Museum, where museum-goers can embark on a VR journey. Visitors will travel back in time to 1839, when British scientist William Henry Fox Talbot first presented his photographic prints to the public at King Edward's School in Birmingham. The experience will...
  6. Rachel Howard at the Imperial War Museum of London

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    Rachel Howard at the Imperial War Museum of London
    The UK’s first major exhibition of artists’ responses to war and conflict since 9/11. Age of Terror: Art since 9/11 features more than 40 British and international artists, including Rachel Howard, Ai Weiwei, Grayson Perry, Gerhard Richter, Jenny Holzer, Mona Hatoum, Alfredo Jaar, Coco Fusco and Jake & Dinos Chapman. Artists with Libery: Save Our Human Rights Act by Rachel...
  7. Rachel Howard at MASS MoCA

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    Rachel Howard at MASS MoCA
    Paintings of Violence (Why I am not a mere Christian) is a single installation comprised of ten paintings and one sculpture, in relationship to the sculptural assembly, Lightning with Stag in its Glare, by Joseph Beuys. In her work, Howard examines religion, mortality, and violence, specifically the more subtle kinds of “controlled violence” that are meticulously planned and calmly executed...
  8. Ashley Bickerton at the Hirshhorn Museum

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    Ashley Bickerton at the Hirshhorn Museum
    The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden will open “Brand New: Art and Commodity in the 1980s” Feb. 14–May 13, an expansive exhibition exploring the pivotal moments in the 1980s when artwork became a commodity and the artist, a brand. Razor-sharp, witty, satirical and deeply subversive, the nearly 150 works in “Brand New” examine the origins and rise of a new...
  9. Rachel Howard: Der Kuss at Blain Southern

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    Rachel Howard: Der Kuss at Blain Southern
    Blain|Southern presents an exhibition of Rachel Howard’s newest paintings and sculptures, focussing on internal and external violence, the violence of the mind and the body. The title Der Kuss, the kiss, suggests a delicate point of intimate contact, of love or betrayal. Broken Grid System, 2017 Oil and acrylic on canvas, 76.2 x 91.4 cm (30 x 36 in) Photo...
  10. Condo London — Eduardo Sarabia at Maureen Paley

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    Condo London — Eduardo Sarabia at Maureen Paley
    Condo takes its name from ‘condominium’ and is a large-scale collaborative exhibition of international galleries. Host galleries share their spaces with visiting galleries – either by co-curating an exhibition together, or dividing their galleries and allocating spaces. The initiative encourages the evaluation of existing models, pooling resources and acting communally to propose an environment that is more conducive for experimental...
  11. Nature Morte at Guildhall Art Gallery

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    ‘Nature Morte’ seeks to illustrate how leading artists of the 21st century have reinvigorated still life, a genre previously synonymous with the 16th and 17th centuries. This major exhibition will be one of the largest ever presented at the Guildhall Art Gallery with works displayed by artists including Mat Collishaw, Michael Craig-Martin, Gabriel Orozco and Marc Quinn. The exhibition is...
  12. Michael Joo at Kukje Gallery : Single Breath Transfer

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    Michael Joo at Kukje Gallery : Single Breath Transfer
    Single Breath Transfer is a solo exhibition of new work by Michael Joo. This is the artist’s first solo show at Kukje Gallery and his first major exhibition in Korea in almost ten years. The comprehensive exhibition will be installed in both the K2 and K3 galleries and consists of discrete but interrelated bodies of work that explore important areas...
  13. Dan Colen: Sweet Liberty

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    Dan Colen: Sweet Liberty
    Newport Street Gallery presents Dan Colen’s first major solo show in London. The exhibition, ‘Sweet Liberty’, surveys the entirety of the artist’s career to date and also features new paintings and large-scale installations. Colen came to prominence in New York in the early 2000s alongside a group of young artists that was informally labelled the ‘Bowery School’. The group included Hannah Liden, Nate Lowman, Ryan...
  14. Harland Miller: One Bar Electric Memoir

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    White Cube presents an exhibition of new work by Harland Miller at Mason’s Yard. ‘One Bar Electric Memoir’ includes two series of paintings that continue and expand Miller’s investigation into the relationship between viewer, text and image. The first series of large-scale works draws on Miller’s extensive archive of psychology and social science books, which date from the 1960s and...
  15. Gonzalo Lebrija at MAZ Museo de Arte de Zapopan

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    The result of an examination of public sculpture and urban monuments, the exhibition Monumentos, anti-monumentos y nueva escultura pública surveys contemporary artistic practices in Mexico and Latin America that question the idea of public sculptures, monuments, and memorials, inviting viewers to rethink the issues connected with both the real and the symbolic occupation of public space. The exhibition is divided into...
  16. Rachel Howard at Galería Pelaires

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    Galería Pelaires is delighted to present Gregor Hildebrandt, Rachel Howard and Idris Khan on the occasion of Art Palma Summer. Conceptualised by Ashwin Thadani and Fedreric Pinya, the group exhibition highlights a contemporary fascination with a matter, particularly with lines, and a mutual effect arising from it: an aesthetic dialogue through and with contemporary art. The works of Hildebrandt, Howard and...
  17. Mat Collishaw: Thresholds

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    Mat Collishaw is restaging one of the world's first major exhibitions of photography for his forthcoming exhibition, Thresholds. The artist has created a virtual reality artwork that will reference the world-changing innovations of early photography and provide a window into parts of our cultural heritage that can no longer be accessed. To recreate the 1839 exhibition, the artist has collaborated with...
  18. Fiona Banner: Runway (AW 17)

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    In the work of British artist Fiona Banner (Merseyside, 1966), opposites play a significant role. This concerns the relationship between words and images, man and machines, but also between the physical world and the virtual one. Her work comprises sculpture, drawings, video installations, performances, posters and books. This exhibition is Fiona Banner's first major presentation in the Netherlands, and comprises...
  19. Mat Collishaw: The Centrifugal Soul

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    ‘We put too much of ourselves into our product facades, spinning too much mass to our outer edges where we hope it is both publicly visible and instantly lovable. One problem with this strategy is that it leaves too much blank space in the middle, so there’s not much of ourselves left for lovers or friends to discover in the...
  20. Rachel Howard at the Italian Cultural Institute & the Jerwood Gallery

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    Rachel Howard’s first work to combine painting and sculpture is included in Sette Opere per la Misericordia or Seven Works for Mercy - an exhibition curated by Mario Codognato at the Italian Cultural Institute, London.Howard’s work Controlled Violence (2015-2016) was acquired for the collection of the Pio Monte della Misericordia church in Naples, following the fourth edition of Sette Opere...

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