1. Art stripped bare - Fiona Banner on the nude

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    In an article for The Guardian, Fiona Banner discusses the aims and motivations for her unusual channel of art; words. In her atmospheric acts in front of a live audience, Banner invites an inexperienced nude model to pose whilst she depicts the individual with words on a canvas. She describes her unique voyeuristic performances as ‘a bit of theatre. It’s...
  2. Gary Hume: Yardwork

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    Hume's current show in New York presents thirteen new paintings showcasing pieces from his signature glossy look and striking colour scheme to works exploring new techniques. The subject matters of barn doors and blackbirds evokes Gary Hume's studio environment, an old barn in upstate New York. Mentioned on Art Forum here.

    For more information on the exhibition, click here.

    Other Criteria are publishing a book with Gary Hume in Autumn 2009. To see his current work for sale through on our website, click here.

    Gary Hume: Yardwork
    Matthew Marks Gallery
    522 W 22 Street
    NY 10011
    8th May - 27th June 2009

    Installation view

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  3. Requiem, Damien Hirst: Pinchuk Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

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    Damien Hirst has just opened a major retrospective of works at the Pinchuk Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine. Featuring over 100 works from 1990 - 2008, the exhibition runs until 20th September 2009 and has already attracted over 2000 guests since its opening a couple of days ago.Other Criteria has published two catalogues to accompany the exhibition, with selected images below.False...
  4. Rachel Howard, Haunch of Venison Zurich

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    Haunch of Venison Zurich presents Rachel Howard: Der Wald from 6 June - 15 August.

    Mann im Wald, 2009, Acrylic, oil and household gloss on canvas, 123 x 91.5 cmMann im Wald, 2009, Acrylic, oil and household gloss on canvas, 123 x 91.5cm

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  5. Tequila Sarabia and Salon Aleman, by Eduardo Sarabia

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    Tequila Sarabia was founded by Eduardo Sarabia in Guadalajara, Mexico. Since 2002, Sarabia has been researching the traditional production of tequila and developed 3000 litres of his own brand. Made from 100% pure agave from the highlands of Jalisco, Tequila Sarabia offers 3 distinct types of high-quality tequila: Silver, Gold and A˱ejo. Each is presented in a unique hand made...
  6. Ashley Bickerton opening, White Cube

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    The opening of Ashley Bickerton's third exhibition with the gallery was celebrated on 2 April, with many in attendance at Hoxton Square. Below are some photos from the evening. Congratulations to Ashley for another exciting show.Ashley Bickerton, Installation view, White Cube, Hoxton SquareMarc Quinn, Jay Jopling, Ashley Bickerton, Tracey EminAshley Bickerton, Installation view, White Cube, Hoxton SquareMichael Joo and Julia...
  7. Mythologies, Haunch of Venison - until 25 April

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    A number of the artists we work with are currently exhibiting at Haunch of Venison London, where the gallery has opened its inaugural show in its new location in the former Museum of Mankind, Burlington Gardens, just behind the Royal Academy.

    Among the 40+ artists included in this ambitious and rigorously curated exhibition are Rachel Howard, Mat Collishaw, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Damien Hirst, John Isaacs, Paul Fryer and Keith Tyson, with selected images below.

    Please see the Haunch of Venison website for further exhibition details. Open until 25 April.

    All images are copyright the artist, photos by Peter Mallet and courtesy Haunch of Venison.

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  8. In the darkest hour there may be light

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    Fiona Hile reviews the exhibition of Damien Hirst's Murderme collection at the Serpentine Gallery, London, 2007

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  9. 4 The Love Of Hip-Hop with Josh Cheuse

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    On Friday, the Public School store hosted 4 The Love of Hip-Hop, Jersey City, New Jersey.

    Alongside clothing from the range, Josh exhibited his hip-hop photographs from Rockers Galore, published by Stussy and post scripted by Damien Hirst and Michael Joo. [Also available through Other Criteria]

    Josh's prints, books and hand screen tees were/are also on sale, with only 50 t-shirts printed.



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  10. The Hours Competition News

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    New Album 'See The Light' – Released 20 April WIN 'See The Light' Original Artwork by Damien Hirst & Free Download of 'These Days'To coincide with the release of The Hours album on April 20th, the Observer Music Monthly are running an amazing competition where you can not only win 60 signed lithographs of The Hours album artwork, but also...
  11. John Isaacs studio visit, Berlin

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    On Wednesday we went to Berlin to film John Isaacs at his Bildhauerwerkstatt (literally 'image beating workshop') where we found out more about the thinking and making processes behind his 5 editions.

    Keep an eye on the blog and his pages for the short film, coming soon. For now, here are some images of that day:


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