31 Temple Street
London E2 6QQ

From the press release:

Steve Bishop’s practice often deals with the balance of the formal and associative qualities of objects and materials, creating an internal logic within works. Bishop is interested in categories of objects, in examining the distinction between fabricated, factory fabricated and found materials. His works play on the relationship between an object’s cultural significance and its formal identity, working with the resilient associative effects of an object taken from the world and put in the context of an artwork.

As If You Could Only Kill Time Without Injuring Eternity V, 2012

For the exhibition Bishop uses the physical boundaries of the gallery space and the duration of the exhibition as the core of an installation that examines its own physical and temporal situation. As part of Buildings are Heavy Bishop has created several site-specific works that reveal unseen parts of the gallery, including store cupboards and their contents, the insides of the gallery/office dividing wall, and an excavated building alteration. The gallery’s front window is also used as part of the exhibition, displaying Composition for a DVD Player, a single channel projection viewable at night from the outside after the gallery has closed.

Buildings are Heavy - Installation View

Alongside these site-specific installations, the work Read/Write is an assemblage that uses cut stone, cleaning fluid and a thermo-hygrograph that measures the change in temperature and humidity in weekly cycles. The sculpture creates a record of the atmosphere around it, continually inscribing its environment upon itself. The ‘Ocean’ fragrance of the cleaning fluid permeates the room, a slight smell that expands to fill the space the sculpture is in. These site-specific installations expose pre-existing compositions and structures within the building, continuing Bishop’s inquiry in the categories of object, ideas of the fabricated, and their reframing of associative and formal qualities.

Buildings are Heavy is Steve Bishop’s second solo exhibition at Supplement.

Steve Bishop (b. 1983, Toronto) Lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions 2012:The Curator’s Egg, Altera Pars, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London. 2011: Performance Anxiety, Stadium, New York; Steve Bishop and Dan Shaw-Town, Christopher Crescent, London; The Myth of Fingerprints (solo), Galerie koal, Berlin; Young London, V22 Workspace, London.