For the period of Berlin gallery weekend and the first time in it's history, the 5000 square meter studio spaces of Lehderstrasse 34 hosts an incredibly diverse exhibition of paintings, sculpture, multi media, installation, film and photography, in which artists invite other artists to exhibit in the context of this studio environment, thus returning the viewer to the very place of art's genesis. This extensive group exhibition features 100 Berlin based and international artists. The exhibition site, a former GDR semiconductor factory, which was shut down after the fall of the Wall, comprises a number of architectural structures dating from different eras including a turn-of- the-century power plant and the manufacturing halls from the 70’s. Today, it is a sprawling studio development, renovated over the past five years by a flourishing group of Berlin-based artists.

Ngorongoro is a collapsed volcanic crater in Tanzania, on the border of the Serengeti. Almost undisturbed by human influence, it boasts a biosphere of unique diversity with Africa’s highest density of mammal predators and is listed as a natural and cultural World Heritage Site.

Echoing this primordial ecosystem, the exhibition sees a kaleidoscopic survey of artistic practise coming together in one event, staged within the creative crucible of art’s origins – the studio. The combination of names such as Mat CollishawPolly MorganTim Noble and Sue Webster, demonstrates the complex networks that artists build amongst themselves, a phenomenon that has, so far, been little explored. Therefore the artist list is not defined by the usual curatorial criteria of concept, form or discourse – but primarily based on intuition. The result is a dynamic confrontation of equally weighted participants, illustrating the initiators’ artistic reference system and the extensive diversity of their network.

The exhibition is initiated by Christian Achenbach, Jonas Burgert, Zhivago Duncan, Andreas Golder, John Isaacs and David Nicholson.

Exhibition opening: Thursday 30 April 2015; 2 pm – 12 midnight
Opening hours: Friday 1 May, Saturday 2 May, Sunday 3 May 2015; 10 am – 12 midnight