Come and visit Other Criteria at KIAF (Korea International Art Fair) from 9th - 13th September 2010 at stand A-81. Below are some examples of the works we will be exhibiting.

Psalm: Deus, Deus meus – Damien Hirst

Launched in 2002 by Galleries Association of Korea, KIAF has grown into Asia’s leading art fair by offering a wide variety of subsidiary programs, going beyond its function as a trade venue for art. This year’s KIAF will see participation by 193 galleries from 16 countries, including Korea. It will be Asia’s largest art festival, showcasing around 5,000 high-quality works of art. The participating galleries will feature a wide range of works, ranging from those created by rising artists who are active all across the globe to the works of world-renowned artists. They will thus attempt to promote the art market and expand the foundation of art.

LOVE IS A BIRD LOVE IS A BURDEN – Sarah Lucas and Olivier Garbay

The UK, a country that is performing leading roles in contemporary art, was chosen as the guest country for KIAF2010. Galleries from the UK and the planned academic program will enable visitors to understand the present of British art and identify its future direction of development. In addition, KIAF seeks to considerably strengthen measures to support promising new artists through its Artist Support Program, which is offered for the development of the art industry and the future of the art market, in addition to performing basic functions as an art fair. It thus seeks to propose new trends in art. The wide variety of programs KIAF provides, such as the Docent Program and KIDS in KIAF, will allow the audience to take a step closer to modern art. Above all, a special media art exhibition will be held to give more diversity to the event, whose exhibited works will mainly be paintings. The exhibition will further expand the roles of the art fair by showcasing the works of PAIK Nam Jun as well as Korean media artists who are distinguishing themselves in the field of media art by effectively leveraging Korea’s image as an IT power.

For more information, visit the KIAF website.

Two Roses – Gary Hume