We would like to thank All who attended our Pre-Frieze Brunch, last Wednesday 5th October, celebrating new sculpture editions by Damien Hirst: Myth and Legend.

Damen Hirst’s Myth and Legend – a unicorn and a winged horse – recreate the artist’s bronze sculptures of the same titles, in porcelain. An anatomical cross-section of the creatures reveals the flesh and musculature of a horse beneath the skin. Handcrafted by the renowned Nymphenburg Porcelain Makers in Munich, these editions continue Hirst’s examination of the areas of intersection between science, religion and belief. He explains: “In a way, science brings religion down to earth and to cut open mythical creatures and expose them as no different to mortal horses is somehow still magical. It’s kind of like exploding a myth to make it real. I like the way that even by showing these creatures’ insides they still feel majestic and hopeful, so they seem more real and not just creatures from fantasy. Maybe they can even help us in the real world.”


Our reception at Other Criteria’s Newport Street location – catered by Pharmacy 2 restaurant – was followed by the opportunity to explore the current Jeff Koons exhibition at Damien Hirst’s gallery.