1. Other Criteria at Zsona MACO Diseño, Booth ZMD12

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    Zsona MACO Diseño is featured simultaneously with Zsona MACO México Arte Contemporáneo with the aim of reinforcing bridges of collaboration among galleries, collectors, curators, critics and the general public, with a structured conference program that includes international guests, in addition to numerous parallel activities at key points of Mexico City.Curated by Cecilia León de la Barra, Zsona MACO Diseño includes...
  2. The making off Eduardo Sarabia's ‘Ballads’

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    “These images, these pieces, particularly, are starting to feel more personal, which is why I really like the title Ballads: something short, of a very powerful action or powerful moment, that can be described in an image of short sentence or two. “ Eduardo SarabiaThe ‘Ballads’ exhibition will be running from June 3rd until July 5th, 2015 at Other Criteria New York, 458 Broome...
  3. New Eduardo Sarabia's exhibition in New York: Ballads

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    Eduardo Sarabia's new exhibition ‘Ballads’ consists of one wool tapestry and a new series of paper diorama boxes. Narcomanta 6 (‘Amor, Amor, Amor’) by Eduardo Sarabia, 2015Handwoven wool tapestry; 153 x 190 cmThe text translates to Love, Love, Love. This series is inspired by the "narcomantas", which are crudely made coded messages hung on public areas in Mexico by gangs and drug...

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