1. Schizophrenogenesis

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    Damien Hirst’s newest collaboration with Paul Stolper, Schizophrenogenesis, will launch at Paul Stolper Gallery in London on October 8th. This collaboration is a natural continuation of Hirst's lifelong exploration into how medicine, art and religion all coexist and intermingle. It will feature many playful sculptural works such as a Sudafed pill large enough to last you through the coming flu season and a...
  2. Harland Miller: An Artist’s View of Printmaking

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    Reynolds Room, Burlington House, Royal AcademyFriday 25 April 2014, 18.30 — 19.30Miller speaks candidly about his creative process, followed by an opportunity to see his latest prints on show in the London Original Print Fair held in the Main Galleries. Artist and writer Harland Miller’s painterly screenprints combine his signature expressive abstract style with humorous, punchy text. For more information...

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