1. Thomas Schiebitz 'Studio Imaginaire' at Tanya Bonadkar Gallery

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    For his upcoming solo show at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery,Thomas Sheibitz was inspired by French author and art rhetorist, Andre Malraux's essay 'Musée Imaginaire.' In this essay, Malraux explores the shifts between perception and context that occur in art. The exhibition will present new painting, relief and sculpture by the artist.Thomas Scheibitz's 'Studio Imaginaire' will exhibit at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in...
  2. Thomas Scheibitz at Baltic

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    ONE-Time Pad 26 July 2013 - 3 November 2013 In 2013 BALTIC will present an exhibition of recent work by Thomas Scheibitz, one of the leading German artists of his generation.  Investigating the boundary between figuration and abstraction, Scheibitz draws upon motifs and themes from the everyday and popular culture in the form of film, literature, music and advertising as...
  3. VIDEO: Thomas Scheibitz studio visit

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    In this video at Thomas Scheibitz's studio, Scheibitz discusses his studio practice.See Thomas Scheibitz work with Other Criteria here.Studio Visit: Thomas Scheibitz from Frieze on Vimeo.
  4. Thomas Scheibitz: One-Time Pad

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    MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, FrankfurtSeptember 29, 2012 - January 13, 2013
  5. Thomas Scheibitz & Mat Collishaw

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    Tanya Bonakdar GalleryUntil 18th February 2012Thomas Scheibitz - A Panoramic VIEW of Basic EventsFor his seventh solo show with the gallery, Thomas Scheibitz continues to draw from classical painting and architecture, the contemporary urban landscape, and the influence of popular culture. Filtering these sources through his own lens, he creates evocative and powerful pieces that blur the line between abstraction...
  6. Thomas Scheibitz at Collezione Maramotti

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    A new exhibition by Thomas Scheibitz will open this Sunday at the Maramotti Collection in Italy's Reggio Emilia. The exhibition, titled Il Fiume E Le Sue Fonti (The River and its Source) will feature three large paintings and a sculpture by one of Germany's most well-known contemporary artists.Thomas Scheibitz ECLECTICA (2010), 192 x 380 cm, Courtesy Thomas Scheibitz and Tanya...
  7. Thomas Scheibitz Der ungefegte Raum (A Disordered Space)

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    Thomas Scheibitz, Haus, 2008 À–l, Vinyl, Pigmentmarker auf Leinwand / oil, vinyl, pigment marker on canvas 235 x 168 cm © VBK, Wien / Vienna 2010, Foto / photo: Jens Ziehe Courtesy: Sprüth Magers Berlin LondonThomas Scheibitz, John Dodona Rocket, 2009/2010 À–l, Vinyl, Pigmentmarker auf Leinwand / oil, vinyl, pigment marker on canvas 190 x 150 cm © VBK, Wien...
  8. A Moving Plan B - Chapter ONE selected by Thomas Scheibitz at Drawing Room

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  9. A moving plan B - Chapter ONE, Selected by Thomas Scheibitz

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    16 September – 31 October 2010The Drawing Room is pleased to present A moving plan B - chapter ONE, a group exhibition selected by Thomas Scheibitz, one of Germany’s most important contemporary artists. While providing insight into the working processes of the artist, the exhibition will also expose rare and unseen works by a wide range of international creators.A moving...
  10. Thomas Scheibitz in Conversation

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    Thomas Scheibitz in conversation with writer Caoimhin Mac Giolla Leith at The Drawing Room on Friday 17th September, 7pm.Event is free but booking is essential. If you wish to attend please contact The Drawing Room.Sprüth Magers, London, will present a solo exhibition by Thomas Scheibitz to coincide with The Drawing Room show.  Titled A moving plan B - chapter TWO...
  11. Thomas Scheibitz, Hamburg

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    Galerie Vera Munro, HamburgUsually, a curated group shows works like this: you decide on a theme and then look for appropriate works. With HIGH IDEALS & CRAZY DREAMS this happened the other way around.Gerwald Rockenschaub, this time not exhibiting but compiling the show, looked for artworks that were of inspiration to him during his artistic career. The result is a...
  12. The Big Rip Off

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    Fake Mondrian 1, Michael Craig-Martin, Acrylic on canvas, 61 x 61 cm2010 marks the 20th anniversary of Camden Arts Centre’s internationally acclaimed residency programme. Outset Contemporary Art Fund is helping celebrate this milestone this Saturday 17th April.The Big Rip Off! gives over 40 artists license to plunder the history of financial misdemeanours and raise funds through underhand means. A gallery...
  13. Thomas Scheibitz 'Curious' group show, Bonn

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    Curious? Art in the 21st Century from Private Collections 29 January–2 May 2010 in BonnFor the first time since its inauguration in 1992, the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany is honouring the commitment of private collectors with a major exhibition presenting a selection of 145 works by 57 artists from 15 private collections in Germany...
  14. Scheibitz 'A.G.C.T.' exhibition in Hamburg

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    Thomas Scheibitz will be exhibiting at Produzentengalerie Hamburg from 5th September to 17th October in a show titled 'A.G.C.T.' See below for the Scheibitz piece A.G.C.T., 2009 which will be on display.

    Also, please note that a catalogue will be published for the exhibition. For more information on 'A.G.C.T.' or the catalogue, please contact the gallery or visit their website here.

    To see Other Criteria's work with Thomas Scheibitz, please click here.

    A.G.C.T., 2009

    A.G.C.T., 2009
    Offset print, different papers, photographs, cardboard
    80 x 110 cm
    Photo credit: Jens Ziehe

    PRESS RELEASE BY Produzentengalerie Hamburg :

    5. September – 17. Oktober 2009
    Er˦ffnung: 4. September 2009
    À–ffnungszeiten: Di-Fr 11-13 + 15-19 Uhr, Sa 11-15 Uhr

    Produzentengalerie Hamburg is delighted to present a comprehensive solo exhibition of Thomas Scheibitz’s new work.

    The exhibition title A.G.C.T. refers to the beginning four letters DNA’s base structure: Adenin, Cytosin, Guanin, and Thymin. These base structures pair up to build two complimentary chains of DNA, the form of the double-helix. For Scheibitz, who has always avoided the strict delineation of artistic mediums and processes, the chain-form DNA structure is a fitting metaphor for the interplay between the artistic materials of painting and sculpture, which join together in his work to form a new and insoluble structure.

    Scheibitz’s work oscillates between the representational and abstract, but the new GP series tends more towards the representational,and specifically, figurative. But the basic building-block geometric forms remain in the middle. In a recent interview, Scheibitz explains why these forms are so important: “I am working with the basic forms that make up our physical world, which one could also point to as the basic forms of thought, as Socrates did. They are the all basic building blocks I need to remain in the realm of the representational and figurative without having to be  realistic.”

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  15. The Drawing Room auction

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    The Drawing Room is hosting its annual auction on Wednesday 20th May. A number of artists we've worked with are taking part, including Rachel Howard, Damien Hirst, Thomas Scheibitz and Martin Westwood. Bids start at £200.For this year's auction, 228 artists have created an A4 drawing in support of The Drawing Room and its not-for-profit activities. The exhibition of these...

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