The XVI edition of the Pino Pascali Prize, awarded to the English artist Mat Collishaw, will open in Polignano a Mare (Bari) on Friday, July 5 2013, at 19:00 at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The committee, made up of Rosalba BranÀ , director of the Pino Pascali Museum Foundation, and of two young critics, Lorenzo Madaro, a journalist and an independent curator, and Antonello Tolve, a theorist and an art critic, justifies the choice as follows:

"Mat Collishaw's visual imagery is multifaceted: his look investigates art history and observes reality, representing it with an emphasis often characterized by dramatic and allegorical undertones. The core of his research is an interest in quotation, which results in a journey across the territories of the visual culture of our time, thus dealing with universal and imperishable themes, such as beauty, violence and death"


Corona, 2002

A refined intellectual, Collishaw focuses his poetics on the infinite possibilities of image perception, using various mediums, such as photography, sculpture, video, and ambient installations. A member of the Young British Artists, Mat Collishaw leads the viewer into a multi-perceptual visual and sensory dimension, in which life and death, transience and vanitas - intended as the artist's reflection on the ephemeral condition of existence - coexist.

About twenty works will be exhibited at the Pino Pascali Museum Foundation, featuring Mat Collishaw's most significant production, from1998 to 2012, including photographs, videos, 3D works and a huge ambient installation, purposely created for the occasion, that will change the perception of the space in the central hall by making it sacred and mystical. 

Insecticide, 2009

The majestic and virtual screening of the Isle of the Dead by B˦cklin tends to establish a mysterious and romantic relationship with the Hermit Island, visible beyond the windows of the Museum.

In the artist's double vision and interpretation, the two islands, the first virtual, the other real, become the symbol of a timeless and boundless landing. In Collishaw's video installation, light passes from dusk to dawn, and, never as in this case, nature and artifice compare and interact with each other.

And again time and light are the protagonists of the provocative video installation 'The end of Innocence' dedicated to the famous portrait of Pope Innocent X by Velasquez, later reinterpreted by Francis Bacon. A complex operation of meta-language that tends to highlight the strength of a power veiled by anguish.

On display, other photographic works dedicated to vanitas, and three-dimensional works, such as "The idolator", dedicated to JB. Chardin.

The exhibition will run from Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Mondays. Please visit Puglia's events website for more information.

You too can own a piece of the award winner. Click here to view the full selection of Mat Collishaw's work available through Other Criteria.