Damien Hirst — Beyond Belief – Limited Edition

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20 x Limited Edition Beyond Belief catalogues
Edition of 50
Signed on bottom right
Exclusive to Other Criteria
Damien Hirst’s ‘Biopsy Paintings’ image the ‘beyond belief’ elements of human biology. Previous catalogues to accompany his White Cube exhibition of 2007 have been sold with 4 varying covers, dispatched at random to buyers.

In this limited edition, a series of 20 variable covers have been united to create a complete ‘Biopsy Painting’ reproduction, with the actual catalogues framed back to back, signed and presented as if in a medical display cabinet. The format is a cell of cells - the minutiae ever divisible and metonymic.

These unimaginably small cells compound the profound joy and decay of human existence, a motif common to Hirst’s practice. The broken glass, scalpel blades and sanguine paint in this series simultaneously attract and disgust; their glittering violence is part of their morbid, insistent appeal.
Damien-Hirst-Beyond-Belief-Limited-Edition Damien-Hirst-Beyond-Belief-Limited-Edition

Damien Hirst