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Front cover
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Robert Sabbag, Damien Hirst — Snowblind

€1,082.05€1,082.05inc VAT
230 x 145 x 25 mm (9 x 6 x 1 inches)
Edition of 1000
Signed and numbered
Designed by Damien Hirst
Introduction by Howard Marks

This collector’s edition of the cult classic Snowblind about the exploits of legendary cocaine smuggler Zachary Swan has been designed by Damien Hirst. It is an edition of 1000 and comes in a special slip case featuring a collage of reproduced dollar bills.

This hardback has been created using reinforced mirrors for the boards of the book and inside there is a metal credit card as a bookmark made in the style of an AmericanExpress card. The title page of this edition is numbered and signed by the collaborators — Damien Hirst, Howard Marks and Robert Sabbag.
Inside the book, a unique die-cut trench runs through the pages that feature Zachary Swan's most daring import/export scams, and inside this trench hides a real rolled up $100 bill. The final three digits of the note, which were specially secured from the US Treasury, correspond to the number of the edition. For example, book number 831 from the run of one thousand has numbers 831 as the last digits of the $100 bill.

Robert Sabbag

Robert Sabbag is a bestselling author and journalist living in New York and the Massachusetts coast. His journalism is published in Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, New York, The New York Times Magazine and The Boston Globe Magazine. 

Amongst other books, recent accomplishments include Too Tough to Die, Witness Protection and Smokescreen. Sabbag is a member of the Authors Guild and the Writers Guild of America.

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