Danny Moynihan — Private Collection Volume I

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341 x 220 mm - each print (13 x 8 inches)
347 x 224 mm - portfolio (14 x 9 inches)
Litho prints in a portfolio
Each portfolio is an edition of 250
Published by Other Criteria

Selected from Danny Moynihan’s compendium of 19th Century erotica, ‘Private Collection’, Other Criteria has for sale 3 sets of 4 exclusive prints, ranging from the artistic to the bawdy to the overtly fetishistic. On display are some of the earliest examples of erotic photography, proving the Victorians had no less sexual appetite or adventurousness than the pleasure-seekers in today’s society.

On the surface, the photographs seem to exude a sense of quaintness or humour, yet scratch beneath and a world of forgotten immorality and vice is laid bare. ‘Private Collection’, with its rich assemblage of obscure, exotic imagery, displays a pivotal period in – not only the history of pornography – but in the development of photography itself, and how it has been used to satisfy society’s deepest, secret desires.

Danny Moynihan

Born in London in 1959, Danny Moynihan is a painter and writer. He went to the Slade School of Art in 1977 and in 1981 opened The Space gallery with Paul Kasmin and furniture designer Jasper Morrison. Moynihan moved to New York in 1983 where he worked at the Robert Miller Gallery. On his return to London he took up painting again and had several exhibitions in Los Angeles and London. 

He has curated numerous shows, most notably ‘Psycho’ at Anne Faggionato, London, ‘Artist and Photography’ at Karsten Schubert Gallery, London, and ‘Between a Rock and Hard Place’ at Rove gallery, London, and is also a founding member of Photo London. He wrote the hit-seller satire, Boogie Woogie, in 2001 - in which the New York art world was revealed for its supposed false loyalties, hysteria and greed - and which was recently adapted for the screen, starring Gillian Anderson, Charlotte Rampling and Heather Graham. His book 'Bait' was published in 2008.

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