Light Blue/Acid Green small vase
Light Blue/Acid Green small vase
Paola Petrobelli's vases
1/3   Light Blue/Acid Green small vase

Paola Petrobelli — Doppio - Light Blue/Acid Green

€2,010.08€2,010.08inc VAT
400 x 280 mm (16 x 11 inches)
Murano glass
Edition of 50
Signature and edition number etched onto the base
Commissioned by Other Criteria
Availability occasionally affected by fabrication status (8 weeks production)

Paola Petrobelli's vases are produced in the sophisticated and historically rich techniques of Murano glasswork and as well as being versatile, functional pieces, they are design objects in their own right.

“Doppio” is made up of two separate vessels, one sitting on top of the other. The stems of the flowers which sit on the small vessel travel through holes into the larger supporting vessel containing the water.

Paola Petrobelli

Paola Petrobelli was born in Padua, studied biochemistry and spent some time as an international motor-racer. In 1999, having lived in London for 8 years and working in molecular research, she became a glass designer and collaborated with a glassmaker from Murano to create elegant, hand blown design objects.

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