John Isaacs at Museum 52

May 26, 2009 by Ellie

Let the Golden Age Begin

30 May - 2 July 2009 Preview Friday 29 May 6 - 8pm

Press Release: Museum 52 is delighted to present Let the Golden Age Begin, John Isaacs’ fifth solo exhibition with the gallery.  The exhibition presents a series of new works in which Isaacs touches upon preoccupations with hope and loss, that which is fleetingly gained, and at what cost.  He highlights a kind of cyclical phase of optimism and cynicism, through which both cultures and individuals pass, though never with any synchronized sense or drive.

Pool of Narcissus Weeping sits central to the installed works and offers a way into the eclectic and temporal collection of works. Referencing the early modernist language of Rauschenberg and Flavin, and yet pathetically empty of iconic status, it illuminates the framed drawing hanging on the wall beside it. The empty chair waits for the viewer, if not in body then in mind, also bearing the secret of collected butterflies glued with chewing gum to its underside, as though Isaacs wishes to re-humanise an already passed moment in time. What Lies Before What Lies Behind, a circular framed relief of two hands shaking is charged with the iconic power of its duplicitous use in the representation of both comradeship (in the communist era), and capitalistic power play, but beyond that for Isaacs the representation of two disembodied hands represents something far from an equal agreement, and something far from our own place and time.  He presents an unrequested contract written in greed and inequality.

In the back viewing space, Isaacs screens a new film Let the Golden Age Begin, cut together from found wildlife documentary footage.  The video, in its reuse of both image and sound, its blatant unoriginality, speaks against the avant-garde quest for the new and meditatively pulls the viewer back to a place which for many of us is by now a long lost fantasy of the natural and its disappearing status. The soundtrack lends the footage a new romanticised rhythm, and it is with a degree of shame, of longing and love, that the awareness that we ourselves are the abusers of something so innocent, traps us within the lullaby. With these pieces, as with much of Isaacs’ work, there is a strong sense of the universal connection that underlies our apparent isolation from one another.  Combining a sense of appealing optimism with abject pessimism, Isaacs examines our historically and culturally determined conventions, with an often humorously brutish reality.

Gallery Hours:

Wednesday-Saturday 11am - 6pm For more information call +44 (0) 20 7366 5571

Let the Golden Age Begin, 2009, 6 min looped DVD, Film Projector, Soundtrack,
Copyright the artist, Courtesy Museum 52, LondonLet the Golden Age Begin, 2009, 6 min looped DVD, Film Projector, Soundtrack, Copyright the artist, Courtesy Museum 52, London

Let the Golden Age Begin, 2009, Installation View,
Copyright the artist, Courtesy Museum 52, London

Let the Golden Age Begin, 2009, Installation View, Copyright the artist, Courtesy Museum 52, London

Pool of Narcissus Weeping, 2009, Chair, Neon, Tape, Table Light, Butterflies, Chewing Gum, Copyright the artist, Courtesy Museum 52, LondonPool of Narcissus Weeping, 2009, Chair, Neon, Tape, Table Light, Butterflies, Chewing Gum, Copyright the artist, Courtesy Museum 52, London

Eduardo Sarabia - "There Will Be Better Days"

May 20, 2009 by Kay

Eduardo Sarabia's exhibition "There Will Be Better Days" is at Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris, between Thursday 28th May - 31st July 2009.

To see Eduardo's works sold through Other Criteria, click here.

There Will Be Better Days

Deeply fascinated by the exploration of Mexican current popular culture, Eduardo Sarabia has focused this new project on the collision between urban and natural environments. Needless to say, in Mexico, one of the main links that connect these two separate worlds is violence: drug-related hit men running free on the streets, committing bloody public executions, almost all of which find regular coverage by some of the many yellow journalism magazines specialized in the subject. While charred, mutilated, riddled bodies have become everyday usual images on newsstands, Mexican "spectacle-lization" of blood and crime has grown to unprecedented degrees. Once celebrated by the people, these new extremes have opened new and contradictory perspectives.

There Will be Better Days

Art stripped bare - Fiona Banner on the nude

May 19, 2009 by Kay

In an article for The Guardian, Fiona Banner discusses the aims and motivations for her unusual channel of art; words. In her atmospheric acts in front of a live audience, Banner invites an inexperienced nude model to pose whilst she depicts the individual with words on a canvas. She describes her unique voyeuristic performances as ‘a bit of theatre. It’s dead serious, but tongue in cheek as well.’

To read the full article in the Guardian, click here.

Other Criteria will be publishing 'Performance Nude' by Fiona Banner in Autumn 2009. Click here to keep up to date with Other Criteria latest news or click RSS in the right hand navigation menu to get alerted of new activity on the Other Criteria site.

Fiona Banner - Performance Nude

Other Criteria at Hong Kong Art Fair

May 15, 2009 by Kay

Here are exclusive photographs of our stand at Hong Kong Art Fair. We are positioned among over 110 international galleries from 24 countries and are exhibiting until 17th May 2009.

The Other Criteria stand has a wide variety of products on display, including the new Psalm Prints and Butterfly Etchings by Damien Hirst.

Our stand is L01 - so please come say hi if you are at the fair!

Other Criteria stand






Okido at the Tate

May 14, 2009 by Kay

Okido is an art and science magazine for children, promoting teaching through a stimulating and contemporary form; in Okido's own words, their magazines are aimed to "fire the imagination, stir curiosity and inspire inventiveness".

To see and buy the Okido magazines, click here.

Okido at the Tate: Press Release

PLEASE COME ALONG AND SEE OKIDO in a magical installation at the Tate Modern entitled: THE HOUSE OF FAIRY TALES, "a surreal celebration of all that is handmade, playful, passionate and interactive," this FREE event will take place over the bank holiday weekend - Friday 22nd- Monday 25th May.

At the Okido stall you can send postcards to the MOON, make badges and be an Okido special news reporter..!

And as well as Okido, the installation will include: live music, animation and film from the BFI, a gingerbread house, chess laboratory, doll factory, a shaddow puppets theatre and a giant grandmother's bed to listen to stories on, as well as all sorts of other exciting stuff to watch, touch, taste and wonder at!

Bring children, friends and family for a fantastic celebration!!

See you there! The Okido Team

Okido at the Tate

Gary Hume: Yardwork

May 13, 2009 by Kay

Hume's current show in New York presents thirteen new paintings showcasing pieces from his signature glossy look and striking colour scheme to works exploring new techniques. The subject matters of barn doors and blackbirds evokes Gary Hume's studio environment, an old barn in upstate New York. Mentioned on Art Forum here.

For more information on the exhibition, click here.

Other Criteria are publishing a book with Gary Hume in Autumn 2009. To see his current work for sale through on our website, click here.

Gary Hume: Yardwork Matthew Marks Gallery 522 W 22 Street NY 10011 8th May - 27th June 2009

Installation view

Red Barn Door


Pink Ponytail

Josh Cheuse Rockers Galore

May 12, 2009 by Ellie

To coincide with our launch of Josh Cheuse's Rockers Galore edition and t-shirt (images below), Evileast's Adam has kindly given us access to his video on Josh's series, and as a close friend, captures the intimacies and anecdotes lodged in his work:

Jumping Rasta t-shirt

Jumping Rasta t-shirt

Rockers Galore Edition Box

Rockers Galore Edition Box

Rockers Galore Book

Rockers Galore Book

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