Paul Fryer

Paul Fryer studied art briefly at the Leeds College of Art in the 1980s but never did a degree in the subject. In the early 1990s he was instrumental in the creation of the widely acclaimed art-based clubs The Kit Cat Club and Vague. Before focusing on his own art, Fryer designed books for several galleries and projects, as well as working as technical consultant for a number of established contemporary artists. He has also written a book of poetry, ‘Don't Be So...’, which was illustrated by Damien Hirst and published in 2002.

He has exhibited in various shows and galleries since 1996, including ‘Lead By The Nose’, Livestock Market, 1996; ‘The Quick And The Dead’, Leeds City Art Gallery, 1998; ‘Sleight of Hand’, Transposition, London, 1999; ‘2001 A Space Oddity’, A22 Gallery, 2001; The Courtauld Collection Show 2002; ‘The BBC4 Launch’, Old Saatchi Gallery, 2002; ‘The Ark’, T1+2, 2005; ‘New Gothic’, T1+2, Tate Britain, London, 2006; ‘Reconstruction No. 1’, Sudeley Castle, 2006, ‘Young & British’, Galerie Jean Gabriel Mitterand, Paris, 2006; ‘Reconstruction Number 2’, Sudeley Castle, 2007; ‘Tempest’ (with Mat Collishaw, curated by James Putnam), Venice Biennale, 2007; ‘Avatar Of Sacred Discontent’, T1+2, Port Elliot, 2007. Solo shows include: ‘Carpe Noctum’, Trolley Gallery, London, 2005; ‘Petit Mal’, Masonic Temple, Kirsty Stubbs Gallery, London, 2006; ‘Radiations’, Julius Werner, Berlin, 2006; and ‘Potential And Ground’, Reconstruction and Kirsty Stubbs Gallery, London, 2007; and ‘In Loving Memory’, Guido Costa Projects and Reconstruction, Turin, 2007.

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