Special Edition

Ashley Bickerton — The Gold of Their Bodies - Signed Book

333 x 235 mm (13 x 9 inches)
An illustrated interview with the artist Ashley Bickerton and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist
Illustrated by Ignacio Noé
Published by Other Criteria
ISBN 978-1-906967-30-7

Signed by Ashley Bickerton and Ignacio Noé

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In a lively reinterpretation from transcript to comic book strip, Serpentine Gallery Director, Hans Ulrich Obrist’s interview with Ashley Bickerton is remodelled here as a comic strip set in the red light district of an anonymous Eastern metropolis. The pair are seen conversing in bars and moving through the colourful streets and strip clubs of the night as they discuss Bickerton’s early ambitions to be a writer, his passion for surfing, island life and dialects of the English language, amongst a raft of other interests and influences. An extensive anecdotal discussion and narrative leads the reader through the artist’s varied life.

Please note: there may be slight variations in the signature from the illustrated example.

Ashley Bickerton

Ashley Bickerton was born in Barbados in the West Indies in 1959. He studied at the California Institute of the Arts before moving to New York, and became one of the ‘Fantastic Four’ along with Jeff Koons, Peter Halley and Meyer Vaisman. Their work, known as ‘Neo-Geo’, caused a sensation, and the next few years proved intoxicating for Bickerton. Over the last twenty-five years, Bickerton has exhibited throughout Europe and America and his work is in several public art collections.

Recent solo shows include Sonnabend Gallery, New York, 2004; Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore, 2006 and Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York, 2008. Bickerton took up residency at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute where he created a series of complex works with multi-layered mixed media such as lithography, monoprint, digital print, cast paper and assemblage. His work was also featured in an East Village USA retrospective at the New Museum of Contemporary Art New York, 2004; Tomorrowland: CalArts in Moving Pictures, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2006; The Fractured Figure, Deste Foundation, Athens, 2007 and SAND: Memory, Meaning, and Metaphor, The Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, New York, 2008.

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