Jonathan Yeo — Leaf Collage Wallpaper (Teal)

Each roll: 10000 x 520 mm (394 x 20 inches)
Pattern repeat 620 mm (24 inches)
Digital print on Mica Ground
Limited edition of 500
Sold by the roll
Published by Jonathan Yeo Studio

This new limited edition wallpaper takes a traditional, formal wall covering design and subverts it. The superficially decorative leaf design disguises the fact that there are fragments of hard core pornography making up the pattern. Continuing the idea that begun in Jonathan Yeo's "Blue Period" collage series but taking it a stage further by weaving it into a design that only on close inspection reveals itself. The formal, repeat pattern can distract the viewer and makes the moment of realising the nature of the sexual imagery all the more powerful, shocking or humorous and enforces the concept that our over-exposure to pornographic imagery means that we somehow fail to "see" it anymore.

This wallpaper contains sexually explicit material that is not suitable for people below the age of 18. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Jonathan Yeo

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