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Out of Print Books: Shrimpy, A Record Round-the-World Voyage in an 18 Foot Yacht by Shane Acton - Chosen by John Isaacs

241 x 157 x 21 mm (9 x 6 x 1 inches)
Book, presented in perspex slip case
Edition of 5
Stamped, signed and numbered

Other Criteria have invited a selection of their artists to name a single book that has influenced their work, shaped their thinking or encouraged them to create.

John Isaacs said "Though I read this book when I was 18 years old I have never forgotten the feeling this book instilled in me of the actuality of his voyage, magical moments of pure isolation and moments of hell. Other people have tried what he did and most died. In this, his story bears a total equilibrium between the act and it's fulfillment. Though it is tinged at times with such an antisocial loneliness that it reads more as a warning against this kind of voyage than as a heroic role model, it is totally unique in every way, balancing as it does at a turning point of our history, just at the moment before the world could see every aspect of itself from every angle instantaneously."

When ex-Marine Commando Shane Acton set off from Cambridge in his 18 foot yacht called Super Shrimp, he never envisaged himself to sail around the world. This wonderfully written book contains the detailed story of Acton’s eight-year-long unexpected adventure during which he got shipwrecked, menaced by sharks, was thrown in jail in Morocco, found buried treasure and met the love of his life.

John Isaacs

John Isaacs was born in Lancaster, UK in 1968 and studied at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts, Dijon in 1990; completed a BA in fine art at Cheltenham Art College in 1991, and an MA in sculpture at London Slade School of Art in 1993.

He has exhibited extensively on an international level. Exhibitions include Wonderful Life, Lisson Gallery, London, 1993; Young British Artists 6, Saatchi Gallery, London, 1996; Spectacular Bodies, Hayward Gallery, London, 2000; Century City, Tate Modern, 2001; Minimal Maximal, Kyoto National Museum of Art, Japan, 2001; Voices from the ID, Beaconsfield, London, 2002; Mike Kelley - The Uncanny, Tate Liverpool, 2004; Les Grandes Spectacles, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, 2005; Murdeme Collection, Serpentine Gallery, London, 2006-2007. Isaacs was guest lecturer at The Getty Foundation Los Angeles in 2005 and had his third solo show with Museum 52 in October 2007.

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