Dan Chadwick, Eleven Fine Art

July 8, 2010 by Ellie

16th July to 27th August 2010

Eleven is delighted to present Organism 3, a new work by acclaimed sculptor Dan Chadwick. The piece embodies Chadwick's approach to making art, central to which is the use of new materials and modern cutting edge technology. The dynamism and movement of his art reflects the speed and mutability of our world but, crucially, his works are also about nature.

This mobile, a dynamic constellation of delicate lenses, is based on forms found everywhere in nature. The viewer may be reminded of solar systems or molecular structures, while the divisions and subdivisions of its anatomy suggest lungs, river systems and blood vessels. It stems from the floor, splits into two and continues to branch out, doubling each time until there are many carbon fibre branches.

Although rigorously geometric in shape, the sculpture is organic in feel, drifting playfully on its many axis in an endless variety of compositions. The passive elements of the mobile, the lenses, are enlivened by an elegant dialogue between two precisely engineered solar motors. The motors act together or against one another depending upon how much light each unit has harvested. This constantly shifts the balance of the mobile, resulting in a graceful dance which suggests the fluid, random movement of leaves in a gentle breeze or sea creatures in an ocean current.

Dan Chadwick’s work has been recently exhibited at the Kinetica Museum, London and London’s Fine Art Society. In 2008, he was shortlisted for the new World Trade Center buildings in New York City. The artist is regularly commissioned to produce large works, most recently by Maxon Motor AG (2009), Ballymore Birmingham UK (2008), St James’ Square (2007) and Land Securities (2006).

The gallery will be closed from 26th July to 9th August, but Organism 3 will be viewable from outside during that time.

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