Thomas Scheibitz — Film, Music and Novel

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280 x 215 mm (11 x 8 inches)
Various texts
135 colour illustrations
Published by Other Criteria
ISBN 978-1-904212-11-9 (UK)
ISBN 978-1-904212-12-6 (D)
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Film, Music and Novel is an “ideal” solo exhibition presented in book form: a core collection of art works by German artist Thomas Scheibitz, which he has selected and sequenced himself.

As the title anticipates, the book is divided into three sections. In the Film section Scheibitz exhibits oil paintings including the six pieces he created for the 2005 Venice Biennale; Music showcases his drawings, sculptures and work-in-progress models; the final Novel section brings together the artist’s most significant works on paper. The book opens with a unique essay-collage, mixing together a variety of sources such as articles, polaroids, sketches and personal notes, through which Scheibitz provides a deeper understanding of his oeuvre.

Always taking familiar images from contemporary culture as his starting point, Scheibitz works in the abstract tradition, using vibrant colours, geometric forms, fragmented type and deconstructed shapes. Fascinated by constructions and compositions, and the various ways people experience them, Scheibitz is on a constant quest to define the limitations and legitimacy of the very medium he is working with, be it painting, sculpture or drawing.

Designed by Jason Beard, Film, Music and Novel presents a unique and thorough overview of the artist’s work to date, as retold by him. The book is available in English and German, each with a variable cover.

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Film, Music and Novel

Thomas Scheibitz