Polly Morgan — Metanoia

£10,200.00£10,200.00inc VAT
350 x 280 x 230 mm (14 x 11 x 9 inches)
Taxidermy, Boa Constrictor hide, polyurethane and jesmonite
Comes with its own plinth

Metanoia was inspired by A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess and latterly the film by Stanley Kubrick. The protagonist Alex keeps a Boa Constrictor and the use of the same type of snake in Metanoia, packed tightly into a triangular concrete block, is an evocation of his repressed sexuality and violence. Shaped to resemble the Mons Pubis, or the codpieces worn by the 'droogs' in the film, the concrete was chosen for its unyielding properties and resemblence to the architecture in the film.

Polly Morgan

Morgan's first work, fittingly shown at the Zoo Art Fair in London, caught the attention of the art world in 2005 and she has exhibited widely since, including at Other Criteria in London, Haunch of Venison, Pippy Houldsworth, Robilant + Voena, and White Cube, among others.

Her work features in promininent collections; both public and private including The New Art Gallery Walsall, Thomas Olbricht, Omer Koc, Anita Zabludowicz, Ivor Braka, David Roberts and Didier Casimiro.

She has recently been shortlisted for Women to Watch 2015, by the Washington Museum of Women in the Arts.

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