SAVE THE DATE - Boo Saville

November 20, 2009 by Mary

Boo Saville's Ghost and Ghost Proof projects with Other Criteria resulted in an edition of 25 etchings as well as a series of 31 unique works. Join us on 9th December to celebrate the launch of them and to view them all together in their full glory. If you can't wait till then - check them out here.


Press release: Other Criteria launch Boo Saville ‘Ghost’ and ‘Ghost Proof’ series

Wednesday 9th December marks the launch of Boo Saville’s new print series, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Ghost Proof’, created exclusively by the artist for Other Criteria, to be exhibited in their New Bond Street shop in London.

Working from images of dead bodies gleaned on the internet and from books, Saville is preoccupied with restoring such temporal moments of death back into lively objects. Her work deals with the archetypes, symbolism and rituals around how we experience images of death and how these images have a totemic quality. Her Ghost prints have been disrupted by being drawn on, burned or cut, in many ways changing the mark making process and adding an element of risk to the coherence of the final image. The title for the monoprints, 'Ghost', is a suggestion of the transient, fluid nature of this process and a play on its obvious, more macabre, reference.

Furthering her enquiry into images of the dead, Saville’s ‘Ghost Proof’ etchings have a more permanently disrupted surface than her ‘Ghost’ monoprints. Acids have been splashed onto the original photographic print from which the prints derive to literally rot and burn the man’s face so as to render features indistinguishable and raise questions about how we experience images of death. The title of ‘Ghost Proof’ may refer to the host image the artist has found and the processes of both aesthetic destruction and mortality itself.