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Damien Hirst's ‘Kaleidoscope’ paintings reference the spiritual symbolism of the butterfly. Image: Beneficence…
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Damien Hirst's Psalm: Judica, Domino was published by Other Criteria in 2015
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Tom Ormond: Sunbeam, part of the series Eight Horizons, published by Other Criteria in 2014
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Damien Hirst's ‘The Souls’ – published by Paul Stolper & Other Criteria, 2010
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Join Other Criteria London @NPSGallery tonight from 6–8pm for the launch of our this new exhibition catalogue:…
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Last Day at Market Art + Design in the Hamptons #DamienHirst
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Join us booth 411 at #MarketArtDesign to see new works by #DamienHirst & #HarlandMiller
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John Isaacs studio visit

April 29, 2009 by Ellie

The final edit of our long-awaited John Isaacs studio visit to Berlin is now ready!

As we mentioned in an earlier post, we went to visit John in his studio last month to find out more about the ideas and production processes behind 5 of his editions, all of which are available through Other Criteria.

The video will be embedded on John's Information and Biography pages (which you can click into whenever you open up one of his products on the site), and here, in the OC blog, forever.

Would you like to see more of these kinds of short films? Let us know what you think:

Requiem, Damien Hirst: Pinchuk Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

April 28, 2009 by Ellie

Damien Hirst has just opened a major retrospective of works at the Pinchuk Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine. Featuring over 100 works from 1990 - 2008, the exhibition runs until 20th September 2009 and has already attracted over 2000 guests since its opening a couple of days ago.

Other Criteria has published two catalogues to accompany the exhibition, with selected images below.


False Idol (detail), 2008, Calf, gold, glass, gold-plated steel and formaldehyde solutionFalse Idol (detail), 2008, Calf, gold, glass, gold-plated steel and formaldehyde solution

Nothingness (detail), 2008, Glass, steel, MDF, aluminium and drug packagingNothingness (detail), 2008, Glass, steel, MDF, aluminium and drug packaging

The Promise of Money, 2003, Resin, cow hair, sling, chain, hook,
blood, Iraqi money and mirror

The Promise of Money, 2003, Resin, cow hair, sling, chain, hook, blood, Iraqi money and mirror

Skull with Iguana and Shark's Jaw, 2008, Oil on canvasSkull with Iguana and Shark's Jaw, 2008, Oil on canvas

Second Series Biopsy: M132/655 Leukaemia blood, cancer cells, scanning electron 
micrograph SPL , 2008, UV inks and household gloss on canvas with hair, glass,
scalpel blades and religious medalsSecond SEries Biopsy: M132/655- Leukaemia_blood,_cancer_cells,_scanning_electron_micrograph-SPL.jpg, 2008, UV inks and household gloss on canvas with hair, glass, scalpel blades and religious medals

Free shipping on all Other Criteria books*

April 23, 2009 by Ellie

*Other Criteria is now offering FREE PACKING AND SHIPPING on all its unsigned, unlimited books, allowing you to save on every online purchase. Exclusive to the Other Criteria website.

Please visit our books page to view our selected titles.


Rachel Howard, Haunch of Venison Zurich

April 21, 2009 by Ellie

Haunch of Venison Zurich presents Rachel Howard: Der Wald from 6 June - 15 August.

Mann im Wald, 2009, Acrylic, oil and household gloss on canvas, 123 x 91.5 cmMann im Wald, 2009, Acrylic, oil and household gloss on canvas, 123 x 91.5cm

For her first solo exhibition in Switzerland, British artist Rachel Howard presents a new body of paintings which explore the furthest reaches of human experience. Entitled Der Wald, the German word for the forest, the exhibition evokes a shadowy world in which horrifying acts go unchallenged.

With their distressed surfaces these paintings represent a new development in Howard’s work. They also extend her ongoing investigation into the way in which the human body registers physical and emotional violence. Their departure point is archival photographs which record the bodies of civilians who have been led into the forest and subjected to unknowable brutalities. Howard’s treatment of this historically controversial subject matter involves semi-abstracting the physical form of the figures while making their torture manifest in the picture’s agitated paintwork and roughened surface, creating correspondences between subject and medium.

She says: ‘Der Wald and Mann im Wald are woodland scenes suggesting acts of hideous cruelty; men contorted by the weight of their own bodies into positions of excruciating pain, hands chained behind their head, a pose – known banally as the ‘stress position’ – that is still used today. In some of these new paintings I’ve used paint as a way of tarring the canvas, using black to stain and anchor the image but then letting shards of fluorescent pink, yellow or orange show through.’

In these works Howard deliberately sustains an uneasy tension between traditional associations of the German forest with national pride, enlightenment and romanticism (as in the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich or Ernst Ludwig Kirchner), and the nameless abominations that have taken place in the dark heart of the forest, particularly in times of conflict. Like light glimpsed through the trees, the bright colours that are refracted through the blackened surface of Mann im Wald harbour the possibility of hope. Similarly, the small red still lifes of flowers punctuate the larger, more disturbing scenes, offering isolated moments of redemption.

Press Release courtesy Haunch of Venison.

For further information and images contact: Silvia Lorenz, Haunch of Venison T +41 (0) 43 422 8888 E

Gary Hume in conversation with Iwona Blaswick to launch his monograph with Other Criteria at the Royal Academy

April 21, 2009 by Mary


The work of renowned painter and sculptor Gary Hume is characterised by his invigorating combinations of coloured gloss. In his first major monograph the artist’s rich, affecting work is granted new life in over 200 full-colour illustrations. Using imagery as diverse as polar bears, snowmen and supermodels, Hume turns ephemera into portraits and abstract landscapes – the paintings are simplistic yet engaging and blend a charming naivety with a highly sophisticated grasp of the colour wheel, all of which cements Hume’s position as one of Britain’s most celebrated contemporary artists.

Tequila Sarabia and Salon Aleman, by Eduardo Sarabia

April 20, 2009 by Ellie

Tequila Sarabia was founded by Eduardo Sarabia in Guadalajara, Mexico. Since 2002, Sarabia has been researching the traditional production of tequila and developed 3000 litres of his own brand. Made from 100% pure agave from the highlands of Jalisco, Tequila Sarabia offers 3 distinct types of high-quality tequila: Silver, Gold and A˱ejo. Each is presented in a unique hand made bottle with a certificate of authenticity. In 2006, Eduardo Sarabia sent 300 litres to Berlin, Germany and opened Salon Aleman, a tequila bar/artist project.

Salon Aleman is a gathering place, an experimentation field for contemporary visual artists creating an innovative connection between their work and a large audience. The project’s premise examines the notion of removing the spectatorship of the traditional viewing experience by inviting an audience that is perhaps unaware of the artistic intentions of the salon. The project first premiered in Berlin, in the basement of unitednationsplaza, a project by Anton Vidokle structured as a seminar/residency program. Salon Aleman has since traveled to venues in cities all over the world, recently including the Whitney Museum of American Art as part of the 2008 Whitney Biennial, the New Museum in New York City and the 21c Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.

In April, Eduardo will be taking his Salon Aleman to Museo de Historia, Bosque de Chalputepec, Mexico. For more information, click here.


Ashley Bickerton opening, White Cube

April 16, 2009 by Ellie

The opening of Ashley Bickerton's third exhibition with the gallery was celebrated on 2 April, with many in attendance at Hoxton Square. Below are some photos from the evening. Congratulations to Ashley for another exciting show.

Ashley Bickerton, Installation view, White Cube, Hoxton SquareAshley Bickerton, Installation view, White Cube, Hoxton Square

Marc Quinn, Jay Jopling, Ashley Bickerton, Tracey EminMarc Quinn, Jay Jopling, Ashley Bickerton, Tracey Emin, White Cube, Hoxton Square

Ashley Bickerton, Installation view, White Cube, Hoxton SquareAshley Bickerton, Installation view, White Cube, Hoxton Square

Michael Joo and Julia RoyceMichael Joo and Julia Royce

Simon Browne, Ashley Bickerton, Rachel Howard, Michael JooSimon Browne, Ashley Bickerton, Rachel Howard, Michael Joo

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