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Damien Hirst & Michael Joo

April 28, 2010 by Ellie

As a reminder, Haunch of Venison Berlin opens 'Have You Ever Really Looked at the Sun?', a joint exhibition by Michael Joo and Damien Hirst from this Saturday until August 2010.

'Have You Ever Really Looked at the Sun?' is a unique collaboration between the two artists, who met in Cologne in 1991 and have remained close friends since that time. Engaged in a continuous, twenty-year discourse about their individual artistic practices, this marks the first time Joo and Hirst have worked together to realise a full-scale joint exhibition. 'Have You Ever Really Looked at the Sun? 'will feature new, especially conceived sculptures and installations, as well as seminal paintings and sculptures from Joo and Hirst.

A publication will be on sale to mark the exhibition. Keep an eye on the blog and website!

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