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EXHIBITION IMAGES: Have You Ever Really Looked at the Sun?

May 4, 2010 by Kay

Here are some images from our first peek around Haunch of Venison's Have You Ever Really Looked at the Sun? This huge-scale exhibition in Berlin includes sculptures, paintings and installations from Damien Hirst and Micheal Joo.

For more information on the exhibition, view our previous blog entry or visit the Haunch of Venison website.


Michael Joo Doppelganger (Pink Rocinante) 2009 Cast Bronze, enamel paint, laquer


Michael Joo Doppelganger (Pink Rocinante) - detail


Damien Hirst Har Megiddo


Michael Joo Improved Rack (Elk #18) 2010 Antler, stainless steel

Damien Hirst The Dark Continent 2009 - 2010 Cast plaster, resin and metal pills in stainless-steel, nickel plated cabinet with glass doors


Michael Joo Tree 2001 Oak, stainless steel pipe, steel plate


Michael Joo M, S, G 2010


Michael Joo M, S, G - detail 2010


Damien Hirst Let's Eat Outdoors today