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Damien Hirst Supreme Skateboards

June 29, 2011 by Kay

To enquire and see more images of the skateboard decks with unique drawings, email us at

See the original Supreme custom made decks here in all eight designs.

A limited amount will be released after the launch through the Other Criteria shops at 10am on Wednesday 13th July. Subject to availability.

Charity at the Royal West of England Academy

June 28, 2011 by Kay

The Royal West of England Academy currently has Charity, Damien Hirst’s twenty-two foot high painted bronze statue, on the balcony over their front entrance.

The sculpture is a Spastics Society collection box of a young girl clutching a teddy bear with her leg in callipers. The charity box is depicted as having been broken into, with a large crow bar and coins scattered on the pavement below.

Visit Charity at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol until May 2012.

All images copyright the artist Damien Hirst.

Photography credit Oli Playne.

'Public Domain - Skateboard Culture' exhibits Hirst skateboards

June 27, 2011 by Kay

Public Domaine: Skateboard Culture

18th June - 7th August 2011

A la Gaîté Lyrique, Paris

La Gaîté Lyrique invites skateboarding culture for its first major summer theme and presents Public domaine - Skateboard culture, from Saturday 18 June to Sunday 7 August, 2011. Other Criteria's skateboards will be on display from 1st July 2011 but will not be available to purchase at the exhibition, so if you are interested, join our mailing list for  information about the release of the skateboard decks.

With Public domaine - Skateboard culture, "skateboarding" expresses itself in full freedom through all of la Gaîté lyrique's spaces via the various artistic spheres that it influences: music, graphics, cinema, photography, fashion, video games... Public domaine – Skateboard culture gives voice to those who have forged themselves uncommon lives after being touched by the skateboard.

Under the direction of Jérôme Delormas - la Gaîté lyrique's director, Public domaine – Skateboard culture is the brainchild of Vincent Carry - artistic advisor to la Gaîté lyrique in collaboration with Pedro Winter and Morgan Bouvant - invited representatives, Yogi Proctor and Sébastien Carayol – consultants and Benoit Rousseau, music programmer. Public Domain, without the "e", is the name of one of the skateboarding videos produced by Stacy Peralta which helped revolutionize the aesthetics and image of skateboarding towards the end of the 1980s.

Public Domaine, with an "e", is the homage paid to an art form which has chosen a plank and four wheels as its medium of self-expression with which to reclaim the public domain and to reinterpret it with its twists and whorls on the asphalt. Because "skateboarding" is much more than just a sport, an activity, a hobby or a means of transport... Over the years, it has forged itself a rich, evolving aesthetic and transformed itself in the course of its encounters with artists - from designers to musicians - who have taken it as their traveling companion.

SAMPLE SALE: Mother of Pearl

June 24, 2011 by Kay

The opening night at Analogue

June 23, 2011 by Kay


17-24th June 2011


Goods Shed Station Yard, Stroud

As a collective, with a shared passion for Contemporary Art, Analogue’s efforts serve to explore questions about the diverse vocabulary and means of laying down ideas. Old and new. Each from their own standpoint, each on a personal level. A diverse range of materials and mediums are to be seen; to include - sculpture, film, painting, printing, writing, & photography. Each provides a different slant, a different quality, as vehicles through which ideas can be formed. A range or scope, for ongoing thought. The majority of participants work is new, with a view to the scale and texture of the space. Making use of what the environment can offer, as well as what we can bring to it.

Photos below are from Analogue's well attended opening night. The Goods Shed is a building next to the railway  which was previously used to house equipment for the railway line but it went unused for years. Now it is used by local people for arts projects and all graffiti in the building is genuine, left as it was in it's abandoned days.

Artists involved in Analogue include Jack Addis, Alison Crosbie, Eleanor Dobson, Dave Montgomery, Franco Muszasty, Jess Orr, Clare Sheridan, Mat Sheldon, Olly Smith, Traci Smith, Mad Sparrks, Frederick Thackeray-Vincent, Joel Yates.

All art works are for sale. For more information visit the Site Festival website or email us and we can pass your enquiries on.

Jack Addis Wall - 'A Divine Image' I,II and III. Floor: 'We Were Two Different People'

From Right to Left: Work by Traci Smith, Frederick Thackeray-Vincent and Olly Smith.

Foreground - Mad Sparrks: 'Mad Toy' and 'Cave' Back Wall: Alison Crosbie 'O Fuel' 'In Pose' and 'Untitled' Franco Muszasty 'Osiris and 'Isis'

Mad Sparrks 'Mad Toy' Detail

Alison Crosbie From Left to Right: 'Chavs', 'Filly', 'O Fuel' and 'In Pose'

From Left to Right: Works by Jess Orr, Joel Yates and Olly Smith.

Left to Right: Works by Alison Crosbie, Franco Muszasty and Eleanor Dobson.

Clare Sheridan 'Dirty Nanna' detail

Traci Smith Left to Right: 'Watercolour paper with cut shapes' and 'Photographic detail of glass and collage'.

Ashley Bickerton celebration in Basel

June 22, 2011 by Kay

BASEL, SWITZERLAND - JUNE 13: The Other Criteria, Lehmann Maupin Gallery & White Cube celebration for Ashley Bickerton held at the Voltahalle during Art Basel on June 13, 2011 in Basel, Switzerland. All photos by The Image Gate/The Image Gate.

To view the upcoming Ashley Bickerton monograph published by Other Criteria, click here.

Rachel Lehmann and Ulla Dreyfus read Ashley Bickerton

Tim Marlow, Louisa Buck and Ashley Bickerton

Courtney Plummer and Charlotte Burns

David Maupin, Ashley Bickerton and Stephanie Smith

Charlotte Robinson of ArtReview

Tim Marlow toasts Ashley Bickerton

Atilla Tacir, Billur Tacir, Wolfgang Schoppman and Karin Pernegger

Hubert Neumann

Nari Ward and Judith Keller

Ashley Bickerton and Mark Rappolt of ArtReview

Analogue at The Goods Shed

June 21, 2011 by Kay

ANALOGUE is part of the Site Festival, a festival of artist-led projects in Stroud, Gloucestershire. For more information visit the Site Festival website.

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