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LONDON TWELVE - Contemporary British Art

July 2, 2012 by Kay

LONDON TWELVE: Contemporary British Art City Gallery Prague, The Stone Bell 29 June – 23 September 2012 Curator: Toby Clarke

In collaboration with curator Toby Clarke, the City Gallery Prague is excited to present LONDON TWELVE, an exhibition of contemporary British art.

The artistic landscape in London is extremely diverse and fluid, without any specific dominant school or group that could be readily pigeonholed or defined. Awash with talent, it is constantly evolving and mutating. Advances in technology coupled with societal and cultural changes, have expanded valid artistic territory, opening new avenues for exploration. Concurrently, time-honoured areas of inquiry such as the treatment of nature and identity are given new twists, explored in both sublime and subversive contexts.

LONDON TWELVE neither aims to present this environment in its completeness, nor to chart its apex. Instead, the curator has taken a subjective approach, introducing a group of artists whose output has captured his interest over the last year. As such it gives a glimpse of what is happening from one persons viewpoint, a snapshot of a dynamic and subjective set of dispersed and interlocking artistic activities. The exhibition juxtaposes generations, as well as established and emerging artists. The works are presented aesthetically in order to take advantage of the unique character and nature of the Stone Bell building. However, there are threads and themes that run through the show, namely abstraction, identity, technology, history, and nature.

LONDON TWELVE follows two preceding successful shows of British art including “Close Echoes” which presented a number of outstanding British artists including Dinos & Jake Chapman, Abigail Lane, Mat Collishaw, Mona Hatoum, Richard Billingham, Douglas Gordon and Christine Borland, and “Other Times” which featured works by Tacita Dean, Peter Doig, Sam Tailor-Wood, Cornelia Parker and others.

This exhibition expresses the unflagging interest of the City Gallery Prague in presenting contemporary British art in the Czech Republic. The exhibition shall include works of 32 British artists including Matthew Burrows, Marcus Harvey, Neal Tait and Gavin Turk. Like both preceding exhibitions, it shall be accompanied by a catalogue.

The exhibition will open on 28 June 2012 at The Stone Bell Museum, City Gallery Prague, an architectural jewel and one of the most prestigious exhibition spaces in the city. Many renowned artists have exhibited here, from Mario Merz to John Cage.