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Rockers Galore & Selected Photographs at Other Criteria London

August 10, 2015 by Mary

Selected Photographs by Josh Cheuse, Itai Doron and Ross McNicol are currently exhibited at Other Criteria London


Josh Cheuse — The Roxy Nightclub, NYC 1984
Edition of 25, C-type print, 280 x 360 mm (11 x 14 inches)

Josh Cheuse started his photography career in nightclubs at the age of 16and won a full scholarship for photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York. As well as taking pictures of bands and music artists, he has designed music merchandise, packaging and sleeve artwork, shot videos and created websites. He is currently a senior art director at Sony BMG and lives in Jersey City, NJ.

Named after The Clash’s song of the same name, the collectors’ compendium Rockers Galore creates an edition out of Josh Cheuse’s remarkable intimacies with the music world over more than 20 years, and is compiled here in a format typical of a music fanatic’s hoarded collection. 


Josh Cheuse — Hollis, Queens, NY 1984
Edition of 25, C-type print, 360 x 280 mm (14 x 11 inches)

Itai Doron has used primarily the medium of photography as a tool for exploring the realities of carefully selected and disparate geographical locations. His personal vision of these landscapes has resulted in an eloquent set of pictures that shifts between the real and the fictitious and is imbued with a sense of the elegiac and the profound as it fuses a documentary style with a poetic sensibility. And although people do not usually feature as subjects in these pictures, the images are permeated with the spirit of invisible people still present.

End of Real is a photographic diary of the places he visited while preparing exhibitions in different parts of the world during the 1990s. The photographs - or ‘postcards’ as Doron describes them - were taken using a $15 camera he picked up from Woolworths in Los Angeles, and they document the artist’s fascination with the dream-like world of fame, legends and celebrity. The photographs on display derive from that book.


Itai Doron — Elvis' Birthday Party, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1997
Edition of 12, Cibachrome print, 407 x 508 mm (16 x 20 inches)

Ross McNicol is responsible for a conscious restraint in his picture making, displaying great control over his environments and the materials within his constructed scenes– wood, grass, water, metal. The economy of his palette allies serenity with foreboding and as each of his scenes carries the weight of the unknown or the about-to-happen, they are lent a cinematic quality to their composure that seems all but interrupted.


Ross McNicol — Egle
Edition of 5, Digital C-type printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper, 762 x 762 mm (30 x 30 inches)

Other Criteria, 14 Hinde Street, London W1U 3BG
August 1st - September 1st, 2015