Gary Webb Launch - Thursday

July 13, 2009 by Ellie

Other Criteria invites you to celebrate the launch of 11 new unique works from Gary Webb, all of which are available exclusively through OC. Please come and join us at our shop, 14 Hinde Street, London, W1U 3BG from 6-8pm on Thursday 16th July.


Press release: Gary Webb's Other Criteria series of 11 unique works are constructed in the same way as all of Webb's sculptures, but made to a new scale that the artist has employed for the first time.

Webb’s sculptures embrace the formal interplay between geometric and organic shapes, line and volume, reflective and transparent surfaces. The work seems to address many of the issues of 1960s Modernist abstract sculpture, but these issues are playfully turned askew and complicated by Webb’s use of materials, pop references and humour.?? Webb’s unexpected configurations of manufactured and natural objects result in constructions that often defy definition and are distinctly his own. A wide array of materials is brought together with a great sense of fun; brilliant colours, glossy synthetics, chromed surfaces, chunky Perspex and hand-carved wood could all constitute a single piece. At times, abstract elements are associated with features that are almost baroque. Modernist sculpture is honoured and parodied all at once through the use of its vocabulary to express a representational language.??The sculptures sometimes seem to pose as functional objects, and they possess a retro quality through their relations to 20th century art and design. Brancusi, Phillip King, Richard Artschwager and Donald Judd are brought to mind as well as automobiles, toys and furniture.

Gary Webb was born in 1973 in Bascombe, Dorset and studied at Goldsmith’s College of Art from 1994-97. He lives and works in London and is represented by The Approach Gallery.?? Webb’s sculptures are largely created from synthetic and industrial materials and use human emotion as their starting point, almost always beginning with a drawing before progressing to three dimensions. Constructed as assemblages of colourful and glossy shapes, the artist plays with abstraction and geometry to explore the linear and volumetric qualities of form. ??Recent solo exhibitions include Gary Webb, Bortolami Dayan, New York, 2006; Revolution Oil, The Approach, London, 2008 and Export, Atelier Hermes, Seoul, Korea, 2008. Group exhibitions include The British Art Show 6, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead and touring, 2005; Pour de Vrai, Musee des Beaux-Arts, Nancy, France, 2005 and Sublime Experiences and Perceptions in Contemporary Sculpture, Pilar Parra & Romero, Madrid, Spain, 2007.