New Eduardo Sarabia's exhibition in New York: Ballads

May 20, 2015 by Mary

Eduardo Sarabia's new exhibition ‘Ballads’ consists of one wool tapestry and a new series of paper diorama boxes. 

Narcomanta 6 (‘Amor, Amor, Amor’) by Eduardo Sarabia, 2015
Handwoven wool tapestry; 153 x 190 cm

The text translates to Love, Love, Love. This series is inspired by the "narcomantas", which are crudely made coded messages hung on public areas in Mexico by gangs and drug cartels. Usually spray paint on a bed sheet type of thing. Sometimes the messages try to justify an event or even further explain an action of terror. Sometimes the cartels get blamed for something they didn't do in the media and this is their platform to give their side of the story. Sometimes they're just plain warnings to rival gangs. In this style and aesthetic Sarabia wanted to bring forward positive messages. Using the power of fascination with this phenomenon the artist has been working with a tapestry studio to make these works. Each is made by hand and takes about 2 months to weave. Like his ceramics Sarabia enjoy working with artisans in a collaborative process.

‘Pericos’ by Eduardo Sarabia, 2015
Acrylic, paper and wood; 34 x 44 x 7 cm

Also in the exhibition are a new series of paper diorama boxes. These are inspired by the designs in Sarabia's more commonly known work. Blue and white is a color scheme the artist uses and continued for this body of work. The works are 3 dimensional in custom made boxes. All the elements are painted in blue acrylic and and cut out to make the diorama box. The designs maintain a similar line based on his ceramic vases, but part from the traditional decorative craft "Papel Picado" (perforated paper), which he takes one step further transforming from 2d to 3d.

Eduardo Sarabia was born in 1976 in Los Angeles, California. He received his BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 1999. He currently resides and continues his activities as an artist in Guadalajara, Mexico. Eduardo Sarabia’s recent work has been inspired by the local economies and folk history of northern Mexico. He frequently works with the materials favored by local craftspeople, using ceramic tiles, hand-woven textiles, and glass to create sculptures and installations that address the complex social, cultural and material exchanges—social, cultural, and material—that occur when this region and its history encounters outsiders. Without limiting himself to a critique of the “exotization” of Mexican culture, Sarabia examines the gap separating definitions of taste (and, more bluntly, of legality). Mixing romantic visual narratives in regards to illegal matter, fine arts and commerce, creating an environment that slips between the oneiric and the openly materialistic, Sarabia’s work takes on an im- portant exploration of understanding the physical and human consequences of economic forces. 

Other Criteria New York invite you to celebrate ‘Ballads’ with Eduardo Sarabia on Wednesday 3rd June, 6-8pm, 458 Broome Street, NYC.

The exhibition will be running until July 12th. Click here to discover Eduardo Sarabia's works.