Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair 2015

June 11, 2015 by Mary

Art Car Boot Fair 2015 Teaser from Minky Productions on Vimeo.

Located at the Brick Lane Yard,the Art Car Boot Fair welcomes established and up-and-coming artists, including Rachel HowardMischa MilovanovichPolly MorganBoo SavilleSir Peter Blake, and Tracey Emin. The artists personally sell their original and limited edition artworks out of the back of new and vintage Vauxhall cars. Artists are also set to sell limited edition pieces, created just for the day.

Misha Milovanovich, ‘Strangeways, Here We Come’ 2015,
Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

This year a select number of artists including Rachel Howard, will be creating art pieces using car bonnets provided by Vauxhall as their canvas. The Vauxhall Art Car Bonnets will be auctioned on the day to raise money for charity.

True Rocks and Rachel Howard will be launching ‘The Humble Hunger’. The London-Ibiza based label is known for turning everyday objects into extraordinary jewellery. The brand often collaborates with British artists to create limited-edition that have proven widely popular.

Howard says ‘The humble hanger is a celebration of the overlooked and commonplace, its function is taken for granted whereas here the humble hanger is honouring the workaday, elevated to something more grand. The simplicity of the wire hanger is beautiful; a few bends and a couple of twists. The humble hanger is also an object that alludes to the human body, eliciting perhaps loss, absence and love’.

Humble Hanger comes in two sizes in 18 carat Rose and yellow gold plate or sterling silver on two different lengths of chain: Medium 3.5 x 2cm with an adjustable trace chain, and Large 5x3 cm with an adjustable trace chain.

Rachel Howard will also present ‘Black Dog’, a two plate colour etching produced from a hand painted acetate using a combination of copper plate etching and photopolymer gravure processes.

Derived from Howard's drawings, the subject matter draws on the rich tradition in art history where the dog has been romantically portrayed as the human companion, vigilant protector and loyal guardian of the dead. Yet here, dogs are also shown as animals prone to abuse and neglect by humans, and perhaps an emblem of recent times.

"This year the Art Car Boot Fair is all about packing even more into our car park, exciting new artists, extraordinary performances and a dog show to boot, literally in the boot - we have a lightly canine theme for 2014 and lots to announce over the coming weeks", says Karen Ashton, Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair founder and curator, about this year's event.