Other Criteria

‘What we set out to do was to make modern art approachable and attractive. Other Criteria is all about working with artists to make things that they want to create and other people want to buy. It’s as simple as walking into one of the shops or clicking through the website, and buying something there and then. It shouldn’t intimidate anyone.’ – Damien Hirst

Founded by Damien Hirst, Other Criteria collaborates with both established and emerging artists to produce limited-edition prints, books and artworks in a range of different media, including photographs, clothing, sculptural works and jewellery.

In working with an artist, our focus is always to try and create something that is unique, interesting and of lasting quality. To help achieve this, we match the best creative ideas with the best producers: Other Criteria has worked hard to develop relationships with expert artisans, printers and fabricators all over the world.

Other Criteria artworks are available through www.othercriteria.com

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